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Basements are a standard aspect of any home as they provide additional space and functionality. Designs for basements vary depending on the layout of a home, however one of the most unique features a basement can have is a basement walkout. While regular basements are simply underground structures, a basement walkout is usually fitted with windows and doors that open to the inner and outer parts of the home. Although it’s not the most common option for homes, a basement walkout can be a great addition. Below are 5 benefits to having a basement walkout.

1. Access Point for your Home 

Having multiple access points is a key safety feature for any home. In addition, having a basement walkout means that you can potentially rent out your basement to tenants. Investing in a basement walkout allows tenants to have their own entrance into the home. This is a great way to earn some passive income while maintaining your security and privacy.

2. Improving the Lighting

Typical basements are known to be very dark, cold and poorly ventilated as a result of being underground. However, a basement walkout has external walls to place windows and doors that provide more natural lighting and air for your home. Basement walkouts are a great way to improve the lighting conditions and ventilation in your home without spending more money on additional equipment and electricity bills.

3. Creating Extra Space

Having a basement walkout adds extra space to your home. Not only does it expand your basement, but it also makes your home more accessible from the outside. Having additional space gives you more options for storage and entertainment space. It also opens up your basement, allowing you to get more creative with the design and architecture of your home.

4. Opportunity to Increase Property Value

A basement walkout allows you to increase the property value of your home. From improving ventilation to optimizing the lighting, a basement walkout has several benefits that improve your property’s value.

5. Additional Emergency Exit

One of the most important features of a basement walkout is that it creates an additional exit in case of an emergency. The windows and doors in a basement walkout are excellent escape routes, especially in dangerous emergencies like house fires.


Having  a basement walkout has many benefits from increasing the value of your home to acting as an emergency exit. If you are looking to invest in your home, consider adding a basement walkout today!