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With the ever-increasing cost of living in the Greater Toronto Area, home owners are looking for creative ways to expand their existing living space versus searching for another home. If this is the scenario you find yourself in, basement underpinning may be the right solution for you. Basement underpinning involves lowering your basement floor by removing the existing concrete slab and soil to increase your basement ceiling height and reinforce your home’s existing foundation. This process however is not simple and should only be carried out by trained professionals. Ultimately, they remove the existing floor and the soil and dirt under your basement and crawlspace, they add new supports and new concrete footings, flooring, and walls to provide you additional living space. 

Below we outline 5 benefits of basement underpinning;

Enhanced Integrity and Stability of your Home

One of the greatest benefits of basement underpinning, is that it improves the structural integrity of your home and increases your home’s stability. The process helps to fix any structural issues such as sagging beams, unstable exterior walls, and missing or undersized footings. Basement underpinning helps to strengthen your home’s foundation, enhancing your home’s structural integrity and making your home safer for you and your family.

Enables Basement Waterproofing

Most cases of water damage in residential homes occur in the basement, with a basement underpinning project underway you have the opportunity to properly waterproof your basement, this includes installing proper drainage, and a sump pump if you don’t have one. This is also a good opportunity to fix any pre-existing issues in your foundation walls that can allow water to enter your basement, such as cracks. 

Increased Ceiling Height 

Even if your current basement has sufficient clearance that you don’t need to hunch over to move around, chances are there are areas where bulk heads dip below a comfortable clearance level or areas that are just not easily accessible, such as a crawl space. Lowering your basement floors increases headroom and eliminates potential bumps or worse for you and your guests. 

Additional Living Space 

Basement underpinning allows you to increase your available living space and offers you the opportunity to remodel your new basement living space according to your design style and usage needs. Something you don’t always get when you buy a home. Utilise the new space  to add additional bedrooms,  a games room, a playroom for the kids, additional storage space or even a bar and entertainment space. The options are limitless!

Increased Property Value

Undertaking a basement underpinning project increases the value of the home, plain and simple. It not only increases the structural integrity of your home making it more secure but your home’s functionality is also enhanced, and creating additional living space within your home. If you end up selling your home in the future, you will be able to set a higher asking price because of your lowered basement. 

If you are in need of additional living space and your home’s current basement isn’t providing that for you, consider introducing additional living space into your current home through basement underpinning. This will help you achieve your goal of additional living space and provide several additional benefits, as outlined above. 

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