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If you just had a new concrete driveway installed at your home, you probably would like to keep it looking fresh and vibrant for a long time. Driveways, by the nature of their use take a lot of abuse and can begin to show signs of wear quite early. Here we have outlined how to take care of your new concrete driveway, to ensure you have a great looking driveway for years to come.

1. Seal Your Driveway

After completing the installation of a new concrete driveway, it is essential to seal its surface to
ensure it is no longer porous. You can use an acrylic concrete sealer to protect against staining, oil, spillage, and water seepage. Sealing a new concrete driveway will extend its lifespan and keep it looking vibrant.

2. Cleaning

When the weather permits, wash your concrete driveway’s surface with a power washer or garden hose to remove any salt or dirt that may have fallen off your vehicles, after every season. While completing lawn maintenance, look for traces of fertilizer on your concrete surface remove it by sweeping into the lawn. It is also a good practice to periodically clean the surface of your concrete driveway with water and soap to remove dirt and grime build-up, stains, and dust.

3. Use Concrete Safe Ice Melter

Avoid using harsh de-icing chemicals to melt ice and snow on your concrete driveway. Certain chemicals such as calcium, magnesium chloride, sodium, and lawn fertilizers, can attack and damage the surface of concrete driveway. Leaking to pitting, surface cracks, and other unwanted damage. Use de-icing chemicals that will not damage or etch your concrete driveway’s surface.

4. Repair Cracks Quickly

If you notice any cracks on your concrete driveway, repair them immediately. A little crack
can expand which allows water to seep into and below the concrete. This will cause the damage to worsen with the freeze-thaw process of the changing seasons. After fixing the damage, apply a sealant on top of your entire driveway to ensure additional damage is minimized.

5. Protect the Surface

A concrete driveway’s surface can be damaged by an impact from sharp or heavy objects, especially if the item is metal. As a result, avoid using metal shovels when shoveling snow, ice, or dirt. Instead, use plastic shovels. As well, do not allow the blades of your snow blower to touch the surface of your concrete as it could lead to scratching and other potential damage to your driveway.

By follow the above tips you will be able to maintain your new concrete driveway and protect it from damages that can result in extensive repairs. If maintained correctly, your concrete driveway can last up to 50 years and look great at the same time.

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