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If your home has a basement, it can be set up to serve several purposes. Some people utilize their basement as a lounge space, a home office, extra bedrooms, a utility space, or storage space. Typically, the majority of a basement is located underground, but with a basement walkout at least one exterior  wall is open to allow for windows and doors. A basement that is fully underground, has its only entry point to the basement inside your home, a basement walkout acts as an additional entry point for the  exterior of your home. While it may not be the standard, there are many benefits of having a basement walkout as part of your home. We outline some of these benefits below:

More Lighting

Conventional basements usually have a few tiny windows located just above grade and are usually dark and stuffy because of their location in the home. A basement walkout provides a door and has additional windows allowing for more natural light to come into your basement, making it feel more open and airier. A basement walkout will also provide additional ventilation for your home.

Emergency Escape Option

In case of any emergency, such as a fire or home intrusion, a basement walkout can come in very handy in providing an additional means for escape. Since basement walkouts have accessible doors can be very helpful for quick escape from a dangerous situation. 

Ease Of Access

Your basement walkout can serve as alternate means of access to your home. If you have a home business it is a great way to segregate clients from your living space. During the holiday season where you may have many friends and family visiting or even staying with you, it becomes a helpful access for your home. 

Increases Your Property Value

The increased ventilation and extra lighting that a basement walkout permits are factors that get the attention of potential home buyers. Home’s with basement walkouts have an increased value versus those of similar size and layout that don’t have the walkout. 

Potential For An Income Suite

With a separate entrance directly into your basement, you may have the option to turn your basement into an income suite. Renting out your basement is a great way to supplement your income and help payoff your home related expenses. With a separate, private entrance you are able to keep your personal space private, and increase your asking price for the rental suite.  

Adding a basement walkout to your home may seem like a large endeavour. But with the proper preparation and know how, a team of professionals can have a walkout added in very little time. So if you would love the convenience of being able to access your basement from the outside, enjoy the extra light and ventilation in your basement, or if you are thinking about renting out your basement. You should consider building a basement walkout.