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Concrete driveways are a great way to increase property value, curb appeal, and give your home a great look! But when it comes to hiring a concrete contractor, you need to be sure of exactly what you need. With the right tone and mannerisms, any contractor can convince you of their professional capability. However, unless they can answer some specific questions, you can’t be certain of a concrete driveway contractor’s ability to complete your project efficiently and up to required standards. So, what are these questions that you must ask before hiring a concrete driveway contractor? Let’s get straight to it!

Is there a portfolio of projects or valid referrals?

The number one way to tell if a contractor is capable is through their past work and their portfolio of projects highlights exactly that. Their experience and client referrals gives you the assurance of them delivering their services. If a potential contractor’s portfolio doesn’t include projects similar to your driveway, you may want to pause before making a down payment for their services.

How long have they been doing concrete driveways?

Experience matters a lot in the building and construction industry. It creates a framework of expertise in handling the project and using the right tools and techniques to complete any project. Depending on their years of experience installing concrete driveways, when assessed side-by-side with their portfolio, you can tell when a contractor is the right fit for your project.

What is the timeline for the project?

A good concrete contractor should be able to tell you how long a concrete driveway installation should take to complete, all things considered. While there are natural elements and impromptu occurrences that may affect the timeline of the project, the right contractor should be able to give you a deadline with enough wiggle room for any obstacle.

What maintenance tips can they offer about concrete driveways?

Concrete is a durable material but it is not advisable to place heavy-duty vehicles on a concrete driveway. Additionally, ice-melting products should be avoided on concrete driveways. Maintenance tips like these are what a professional concrete driveway contractor should be able to provide when asked. If the information they are providing does not sound concrete (excuse the pun), you should consider other options.

How will they carry out the project?

The contractor should provide a detailed breakdown of the project timeline that informs you of everything that will happen before, during, and after the installation, per your agreement. That shows that the contractor is knowledgeable about the installation process.

With these questions, you will be able to find the right contractor for your concrete driveway project. An experienced concrete driveway contractor can assure you of their past projects, offer referrals, and give insight to concrete driveways that reflect their experience.